tisdag 16 november 2010


I´m home today. I don´t have a fever but it feels like it. I´ve got a headache and my eyes are aching. Even my neck! I try to wear my glasses but I dosen´t feel that they are helping just as much as they used to do. Maybe I need to go and get my eyes checkt? I might need new glasses?
I don´t use my glasses so often because I can see very well, it´s just that when I get pain in my eyes I use the glasses for a day or two and then I don´t need them for a few months. It´s nice to have them when I´m looking at tv or reading a book but when I go outside it´s just irritating. It feels like I can´t see normally, it´s like I´m not in the real world, that it´s just a dream. Weird, I know!

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