onsdag 3 mars 2010

In english please!

I thought I would try to write in english and see if I can manage. I have to search for some words beacause I don´t know how to spell them, but I give it a try!

Well, this weekend me and Patrik went to get a massage. That sure was good for us both! Really nice. I was a bit sore afterwards but in a good way. After that we went in to town for some shopping. I found a really nice t-shirt I bought (can show you a picture later) and shoes for work. Patrik find shose aswell on the sale, that we like! Mine the school is paying for so thats even better ;)
Then we started to get hungry so we went to Hard Rock Cafe for some great food! We alway end up at Hard Rock. We like that place beacause of the good music and the atmosphere and the good food and drinks ofcourse ;) After that we had to go home and pic up Freya at Monica, who was babysitting. Freya fall asleep instently when we put her to bed. So we had some more time for our selfs before we went to bed aswell.
I´m so geatfull to Monica for taken her time and babysitt so me and Patrik could hade some qulitytime togehter. Thank you!

Have to go...

2 kommentarer:

Madeleine sa...

hihi kul med engelska! :) och jag förstod allt som stod. trevligt med en stund för er själva! =) saknar dig vännen! Kram

madeleine sa...

ja, jag kan jag:P hihi.
tack, jag håller på med en ny header nu, men måste knäppa lite nya kort också, innan den kan bli klar. :)
Har ni några planer på dalaresa snart framöver då? :) Kram